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Going Private: The Trump Administration’s Big Infrastructure

The Trump administration’s “infrastructure week” ended whatever hope any of us had that something positive could come out of this administration. It’s clear that his promise for rebuilding the country’s infrastructure is just another Trump scam.

During his campaign, Trump repeatedly complained about the poor state of the country’s infrastructure. He had a point, as both the federal and state and local governments have cut back spending in recent years.

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Donald Trump: The Anime

I mean, it’s alright. It’s basically a guy in a Trump mask dicking around in a forest with photos of actual politicians interspersed within while a generic anime OP plays in the background. It’d be nice if there were changes in scenery or some special effects were added, but what can you expect from

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Trump, Terrorism, And Why I Can’t Sleep

It’s not the threat of a terror attack on U.S. soil that keeps me up at night; it’s how President Trump will respond to one that worries me most. That’s not to say that attacks like those in London and Manchester don’t scare me – they do. Like every other parent, I worry about my children attending a concert, or traveling with my family via plane or train.

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Let Trump Be Trump, Kellyanne

Kellyanne Conway is right ― the media obsesses over presidential tweets from Donald Trump. What she fails to understand, though, is that there’s a very good reason for this obsession. Trump tweets make news because they are newsworthy. If Trump tweets were bland and boring repetitions of White House policy, pre-vetted by the communications team, then it’s likely nobody would pay any attention to them. But they’re not. They are, as one interviewer pointed out to Kellyanne this morning, Trump’s preferred method of communication to the American public. And what he’s got to say makes news because nobody else in the administration can speak for Trump.

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The Unbearable Weakness Of President Trump In the Face Of Terrorism

“We need to be smart, vigilant and tough,” Donald Trump tweeted soon after the horrible terror attack in London on and close to the London Bridge. Even though an occasional hint of compassion for the victims would sometimes a nice gesture as well, the US President was undoubtedly right in substance. This terror attack, the second in England within two weeks, and the third within three months, puts a lot of pressure on the psyche of Western countries.

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Trump Keeps Making It Up …


Donald Trump is an inappropriate president and has not delivered anything more than a Potemkin Presidency.

Grigori Potemkin erected phony portable settlements along the Dnieper River to deceive Czarina Catherine the Great that her reign was creating prosperity. After she passed, the structures would be disassembled and re-assembled further along her route to lengthen the delusion.

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Disaster Branding: The Importance Of Naming Climate Disasters After Trump

Donald Trump knows the power of branding and actually makes huge profits by selling the use of his name. But the power of naming and branding can be a double-edged sword: when a president creates and perpetuates real human disasters, we can truthfully attach his name to them and allow well-earned disaster branding to spread naturally.

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Paris climate act: Trump administration has joined a handful of nations that reject the future, says Obama            

By: PTI | Washington |
Published:June 2, 2017 10:20 am

Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron, France Elections, French elections, Trump praise Le Pen, Obama supports Macron, Macron, French President, France, Voting in France, President elections, elections in france, world news, Indian Express news Former US President Barack Obama. (Source: Obama Foundation via AP)

Expressing deep concern over his successor’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate pact, former US President Barack Obama has said that by doing so, the Trump Administration has joined a small handful of nations that reject the future.

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