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India vs Pakistan, ICC Champions Trophy 2017: Yuvraj Singh gave all of us the confidence to start striking the ball well, says Virat Kohli

By: Express Web Desk |
Published:June 5, 2017 11:18 am

virat kohli, yuvraj singh, icc champions trophy, cricket news, sports news, indian express Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh stitched together 93 runs fro the second wicket against Pakistan. (Source: AP)

Yuvraj Singh hadn’t played an ODI in England since 2007 and he had missed both the practice matches in the prelude to the ICC Champions Trophy for India against Pakistan on Sunday. And yet when he came out to bat against Pakistan on Sunday, there were no signs of uneasiness or hesitation from Yuvraj. His 53 runs from 32 balls took India from a comfortable position to a dominant place.

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Immigrant Scapegoating Didn’t Start Under Trump—It Was ‘Greatly Accelerated’ Under Clinton

In this week’s episode of Scheer Intelligence, Robert Scheer interviews attorney Bill Blum, a Truthdig columnist and a lecturer at the University of Southern California and the University of California, Los Angeles.

The two examine Blum’s recent column, “Bill Clinton Laid the Groundwork for Trump’s Ugly Immigration Policies,” in which Blum explains how Trump’s harsh policies “haven’t sprung from thin air” but rather “owe a specific debt to legislation enacted during the tenure of none other than President William Jefferson Clinton.”

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If We Truly Want To Stay Safe, We Need To Start Calling Violent White Supremacists Terrorists

This week, something unique happened: a white supremacist was charged with terrorism. Unfortunately, acts like this are rarely called out for what they rightfully are. But they must be if we want to keep America safe.

Too often the terrorism label is reserved for those thought to be Muslim, while others suspected of equally heinous crimes tend to be deemed “mentally ill.” Thankfully, New York pursued accurate charges against James Harris Jackson, a 28-year-old white U.S. Army veteran who had reportedly traveled from Baltimore to New York for one single purpose: to kill black men.

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