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Emperor of Ethiopia Battles Italian Army

The model department of the United States Patent Office in Washington is illuminated here and there with the original models of the very great inventions.

In one of the cabinets is to be seen Morse’s original model of the telegraph instrument, fashioned by his own hands. The model is very crudely made, but it inspires reverence in the visitor, and even a certain sort of awe, when he pauses to think of what the telegraph has done for the advancement of the world, and what a slow universe this would e if we did not have telegraphic communication with our fellow beings in the world over.

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CBI arrests Lt Colonel, middleman involved in Army transfer racket

By: PTI | New Delhi |
Published:June 3, 2017 10:41 am

Army transfer racket, Lt Colonel, Ranganathan Suvramani Moni, cbi The alleged racket was suspected to be going on in the Army headquarter with the involvement of senior officers there. (File Photo)

The CBI has arrested a Lt Colonel and a middleman in connection with an alleged transfer racket at the Army headquarter here in which lakhs of rupees were paid by army officers to manipulate their postings. The CBI, which registered the case on the basis of intelligence gathered by it, arrested Lt Col Ranganathan Suvramani Moni and Gaurav Kohli while an alleged bribe of Rs two lakh was changing hands for transfer of a Bengaluru based army officer.

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